Our values and beliefs

Reduce, improve, compensate, start again!

We are a non-profit organisation and we would like to clarify some of our values & beliefs.

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The ecorand manifest

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CO2 compensation should be the final step after you found out that there are some emissions left which you can not reduce. The process should be the following:

1- Analyse your status-quo concerning CO2 emissions.

2- Try to reduce as many as possibel

3- Make changes to your business model & lifestyle in order to produce lower CO2 emissions in the future!

4- Compensate the remaining emissions with true cliamte actions!

5- Start the process again (goto 1)

CO2 compensation is a huge market. According to the IIF the global compensation market should have a size of 50b$ in 2030. We are talking about our planet and not about business. Therefore ecorand is a NPO. We believe that money should be used for the highest possibel impact (and not for feeding certificate dealers who do not add value to the chain). 

Greenwashing was yesterday, we believe in true climate action. The latest possible time to start with real, thoughtful climate actions is NOW.

TRUE CLIMATE ACTION does not mean that you are not allowed to talk about your actions. Please do so! But please do not do it for the sake of greenwashing … e.g. planting one tree and polluting our planet at the same time without thinking about CO2 reduction!

Please do not use ecorand if you do not mean it!

Don´t get us wrong, we appreciate very much the initiatives and they are necessary in order to get the process structured. Especially for big companies compliance is essential!

We know dozens of SMEs  who wanted to compensate but just skipped the intention. The reason? It was too costly to contract a consultant and it was too complicated to collect all data.

We offer true climate action for those who truly want but simply can´t afford to comply with regulated frameworks.

Otherwise we run the risk that intented climate action is postponed or never initiated.

The core team of ecorand is made up by techies. We strongly beliefe in technology to support our goals. E.g. (CO2 neutral!) Blockchain technology enables us to register every planted tree and to make the information public and transparent. Furthermore we use CO2 neutral blockchain technolgy to administer our members.

The effect of our technology stack is to increase efficiency and transparency.


Our Team

Alexander Pühringer ecorand founder

Alex Pühringer

Stefan Riepl Ecorand Founder

Stefan Riepl

Gernot Daucha ecorand marketing

Gernot Daucha

Andreas Plöchl Blockchain Crypto ecorand

Andreas Plöchl


Our Goals

un climate change action ecorand

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