Carbon footprint calculator for private persons

Get a free estimate of the carbon footprint of you and your household members with our CO2 calculator. With your data and a few clicks you get a valid estimate of your CO2 emissions. Please analyse your household & lifestyle regularly for potential savings in CO2 emissions.


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People & Country

How many people are living in your household?

This average considers the average carbon footprint of a human being. Car usage, flights & boat trips are not included, they can be added at a later step.

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Size of your home

How big is your apartment/house in m2?

If you operate more households please sum up all spaces.

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Car usage

How many kilometres are travelled by passenger car (combustion engine) per year?

Note: Please consider the family's entire car fleet.

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Youris [total] per year.

You can compensate for the CO2 either by planting real trees,
or by purchasing CO2 certificates. At ECORAND you have both options:

[item-763_quantity] € to plant

[item-762_quantity] trees.


For each tonne of CO2, 40 trees are planted to compensate for it in a climate-neutral way! The trees are planted and cultivated worldwide by our project partners.

[item-760_quantity] € purchasing

Carbon Credits

Compensate CO2 BY TON (Carbon Credit)

One ton CO2 costs 19 Euro

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Flights & Cruises

Data for all persons: A flight with three persons means 3 flight movements, a 7-day cruise with two persons is 14 ship days.

Without arrival/departure, this must be recorded separately as a flight or car journey.

Note: Intra-European outward and return journeys are assumed with an average value of 2500km, transatlantic outward and return journeys with 15,000km.
Example: Frankfurt - New York - Frankfurt = 12300km, Frankfurt - Madrid - Frankfurt = 2300 km gives you the possibility to calculate distances of your journeys exactly.
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Energy Consumption

Total yearly energy consumption you need for living.

(Please also add energy used for charging you electric vehicle at home)

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Add T CO2 voluntarily

How many additional tonnes do you want to include in the CO2 estimate?

For example, to include emissions that have not yet been taken into account, such as weddings, birthday parties, relocations by truck, voluntary CO2 donations...
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Offset CO2 footprint

The final estimated price is :

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Following sustainability goals!

un climate change action ecorand

Free CO2 footprint calculator for private individuals

ecorand is a non-profit organisation for carbon offsetting. We have developed this online CO2 calculator for private individuals to give households a valid estimate of their carbon footprint. With just a few clicks you can get an estimate of your carbon footprint. The data used for this CO2 calculator are based on average values and scientific studies. You configure your carbon footprint with this calculator by entering data on your household size, living space, travel by car or plane. This estimate is only as good as the data you enter. At the end of the CO2 calculator you will find an estimate of your carbon footprint. With a few more clicks, you can offset your emissions by planting trees or buying CER or Gold Standard CO2 certificates.

ecorand is aimed at private individuals and companies who want to offset their CO2 emissions by planting trees through the ecorand association. As we are a non-profit organisation, we can offer the most effective climate protection measures. More than 85% of your donation goes directly into measures to reduce carbon emissions.

CO2 compensation - free online CO2 calculator for the footprint of private households

Our target group are companies that already know how big their carbon footprint is and private individuals who first want to determine their carbon footprint in our free carbon footprint calculator and then offset it. We offer a free carbon footprint calculator that allows you to get an estimate of your carbon footprint in just a few clicks. All our calculations are based on scientific studies and experts. Our approach is to offer packages that provide a good estimate of your emissions. In our offset shop you can configure to the best of your knowledge. We believe that it is better to offset CO2 immediately with 99% accuracy than to wait until your entire carbon footprint is 100% ISO or GHG compliant.

Transparent CO2 compensation - public blockchain register for every tree planted

After using our free online carbon footprint calculator for private families & households, every tree planted is registered in a public, tamper-free registry. For this service, we use a CO2-neutral blockchain. In this way, we offer CO2 compensation in a transparent way. Our goal is to plant 1 billion trees. You can find out how many trees have already been planted via the ecorand register.